Concert Schedule 2018

Regular shows begin at 7 pm. Doors open at 6:15 pm.

*SPECIAL SHOWS – 2018 tickets go on sale January 2, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards accepted on phone orders only. Call 1-812-752-8877, or toll free 866-573-ROSS to order your tickets for these upcoming shows.

DatePerformersSpecial Event Info
August 18Al Hilbert
Theresa Dunn
7:00 PM
August 25Sarah Patrick
Greg Perkins
Billy Nett

7:00 PM
September 1Kelly Trask
Roger Conley
7:00 PM
September 7Doo Wop All Stars
Wulfe Bros
7:30 PM
September 8Kelly Amy
Kimberly Glyn
September 15Lloyd Wood
Brett Raper
7:00 pm
September 21Bill Anderson
Maisy Reliford ,Billy Nett
Brad & Tammy Magness
Friday Night Show
Tickets $25.00
September 22Terry Vincent
Leigh Ann Cooper
7:00 p.m.
September 29Christy Miller
Billy Keith
Sarah Patrick
7:00 pm
October 6Ronnie McDowell7:00pm
tickets $28.00
October 13Mike Boughey
Robbie Robertson
7:00 PM
October 20Al Hilbert
Kelly Amy

7:00 PM
October 26Doo Wops-Wulfe Bros.7:30 P.M. $15
October 27Kirby Stahly
Melissa Combs
7:00 PM
November 3 Kelly Casey
Sarah Patrick
7:00 PM
November 9Rocking Terry Lee7:30 P.M. $12
November 10Billy Keith
Susan West
7:00 PM
November 17Lloyd Wood Show7:00PM $12
November 24 Christy Miller
Mike Boughey
7:00 PM
November 30Exile Friday Night Show
Tickets $25.00
December 1Exile
Saturday night 7pm $25.00
Saturday Night Show
Tickets $25.00
December 8Tammy's choir
Greg Perkins
Kelly Trask
7:00 PM
December 15Mike Fryman7:00 PM
December22 closed for hoiliday
December 29Ross Country Jamboree Band7:00 pm
January 5Amber Martin7:00 PM
January 12Sarah Patrick
Eric Simmons
7:00 pm
January 19Alex Miller7:00 pm
January 26
March 15Gene Watson7::30 P.M. $32
March 16 Gene Watson7:00P.M $32